• MVMS by 4G Control

Our company offers a cutting-edge Mobile Variable Message Sign (MVMS) that meets the EN12966 standard required by the Hong Kong market. 

Our trailers are designed & manufactured in Italy which is an enhanced version for use on windy bridges in HK.

Our MVMS is equipped with 4G control and local control capabilities, and is competitively priced.

  • MVMS by 4G Control

Our equipment has a proven track record of reliability under extreme weather conditions in 2023 in typhoon No.10 and terrible rainstorms.

This demonstrated resilience is a key differentiator for our products, highlighting their ability to function effectively even in challenging environments. 

We believe that our combination of quality, compliance (EN12966), and competitive pricing makes our product an attractive option for HK customers.

  • MVMS by Local Control