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Pedone-smart-pedestrian crossing



The system comprises of a pair of double face signalizing devices to be placed at relatively low illumination crossways to enhance crossing pedestrians visibility.
Activation is automatic as the intelligent system sensors detects crossing pedestrians approaching the road. 12 signs, located at the two opposite road’s crossing lanes, communicate and exchange datas with “LORA” technology. Furthermore, the installation of the Smart Pedestrian crossing System, doesn’t require large scale road works.

The mechanical performances are certified to be on compliance with the EU Norm EN12899-1 and are manufactured to the following standards classification:

Wind Force resistance :WL 7
Snow Removal Operation Vehicles resistance: DSL 4
Loading Class: PL 5
Temporary deformation (flex) level supports: TDB 2
Temporary deformation (flex) level panels : TDB



Pedone Smart has been designed ideally for roads between 5 and 15 meters width these type of road will receive the optimal pedestrian crossing illumination at larger roads the center lane light will be slightly less.