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Mobile Variable Message Sign (MVMS)

Mobile Variable Message Sign (MVMS)

Mobile Variable Message Signs (MVMS) are very useful devices to communicate prompt messages /give alert to passing by pedestrians, drivers according in dynamic conditions, especially in emergency situations in which prompt information with high visibility is required. 

The LED screen can display numeric, alphanumeric or graphic messages and is controlled locally or remotely via 4G connection. The system is mounted on a trailer system so as to facilitate transportation and immediate use without requiring time for setting up.

MVMS is an effective solution for use on the road or construction sites. The use of a graphic matrix display allows information to be displayed with different size text and/or pictograms of the Highway Code (in color or monochrome).

Our MVMS is compliant to EN12966 European standard and our mobile trailers are made suitable to stand mechanical stress and environmental conditions typical of road environments.