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Weather Warning Station



Remotely controlled bright LED panel system to inform the general public on levels of weather alert with 3 led lamp of different colors orange, yellow, red and a easy to understand  message display.


Each color expresses a type of weather warning the character display panel gives short written notifications on the exact type of weather hazard being warned.


The Panel is managed with a web-app on a dedicated server with easy login name and password access, the operator can switch On of Off the lamps and change displayed message. Furthermore, you can see the informations about the panel’s status and more. The device is able to perform self diagnostic and send the information to the operator.


The graphics are simple and easy to use and can be accessed by PC or SmartPhole. The Software provides historical datas display, the simultanous management of more devices, and the mapping of various devices on the territory. If necessary, the devise can be set to obtain datas directly from the designated centres and display datas automatically.

The device communication is by internet connection (SIM card or by cable); our company will charge a montly fee for accessing to the server’s system.

The device can also be controlled by SMS and in this case it won’t be necessary to pay the annual fee.


The system can be powered by power grid, or Solar Panel.





mapping of devices and status




devices status




function’s setting modes




display of function  parameters




The panel is made of aluminum and with epoxy treatment (black mat) with a reflective sheets Class 1 for high visibility, the display its located in the front panel, this way we satisfy functionality with pleasant looking of the whole device.

The brightness of the lamps and display is equipped with automatic control based on the external environment light situation.







- POWER SUPPLY: 12 Vc.c. or 220 Va.c. depending on different models.

- Dimension: 900mm x 1750 mm x 140 mm

- Lines per display: 2

- Characters per line: 8

- Height : 100mm

- Connection by internet 

- Pole’s fixing: w/3 Omega bars